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About Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome

Release your inner Tarzan as you leap between obstacles and swing your way around the high ropes at Zoom and Wildlife Dome Cairns. Located on the top of the famous Reef Hotel Casino, this attraction has sixty-five elements of ziplines and crossings, native Australian wildlife, and more. This family-friendly attraction houses Australian animals like saltwater crocodiles, koalas, tropical birds, kookaburras, and snakes. It offers an interactive environment for animals and humans to mingle in a spacious natural setting. You can explore the beautiful park or enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities like zip lining and dome climbing.

The Zoom and Wildlife Dome Cairns features The Cairns Zoom, the first Challenge Ropes Course in the world that is situated in a wildlife immersion exhibit. The adventure zoom rope courses have three zip lines, one of which takes you over Goliath, the four-meter saltwater crocodile! At the start of your climb, you'll be trained by an experienced guide so that you can safely swing between the trees.

Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom also houses bird aviaries where you can spot many colorful birds flying freely around the dome. Animal presentations are conducted throughout the day, providing the visitors with an interactive learning experience about wildlife and the rainforest.

History of Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome

Charles and Pip Woodward founded The Woodward Family CaPTA Group and pioneered rainforest tourism with the assistance of Army Duck Tours. They later introduced Koala & Wildlife Park and the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. In 1981, Pip and Charles started Tropic Wings Coach Tours and expanded it by adding Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Jungle Tours & Trekking, and Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome to become the CaPTA Group. The Cairns Wildlife Dome was purchased in 2005 by CaPTA, and the Cairns ZOOM attraction was designed, built, and conceptualized by the CaPTA Chairman, Charles Woodward, and his son Michael Woodward.

In 2003, Goliath the Estuarine Crocodile was lifted via a crane into the dome. Cairns Rainforest Dome opened its door in 2003 and was awarded the TTNQ award for New Tourism Development in 2004. In 2015, pirate climb, Commando rope climb, and slackline were added, and in 2019, invertebrates exhibits and New Python Pathway was opened.

Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome Experiences

Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom offers some of the best experiences to nature lovers and thrill seekers. With Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome tickets you can enjoy koala feeding, bird-feeding tour, and python presentation and climb the dome to get a breathtaking view of Cairns. Get your heart racing as you enjoy ziplining over the four-meter saltwater crocodile.


The Mid-ZOOM is an action-packed zipline course with tunnels, climbing walls, fun crossings, zip lines, and cargo nets. It is an easier course ideal for beginners and young kids who want to test their strength and balance. Look down as you transverse through the course – you'll get an amazing view of the Wildlife Dome, and if you're lucky, you might even spot a crocodile! Participants must be a minimum of 6 years old and 120cm tall for Mid-Zoom.


Hi-ZOOM is a high-difficulty level course with more complex crossings and obstacles. You'll meet lots of beautiful birds and wildlife species as you go through the course. It has three zip lines, one of which will take you directly over Goliath, the saltwater crocodile! All participants will have to complete the Mid ZOOM activity before commencing the High ZOOM activity. You must be 140 cm or taller or accompanied by someone who meets this criterion to enjoy this adventurous activity.


If you want to have the most fascinating views of Cairns, then you must try Dome-Climb at Zoom and Wildlife Dome Cairns. Walk around the sixty-centimeter wide platform to have a breathtaking view of the city from all angles- out to the Coral Sea and Trinity Inlet, down towards Walsh's Pyramid, and north to the beaches. The SafeRoller belay system will safely tether you to the rooftop, allowing you to roam around with both hands-free. You can also take selfies while enjoying this activity to preserve the memories of the trip.

Power Jump

If you're on the lookout for a real surge of adrenaline, PowerJump should be your ideal choice. This is a free fall adventure, wherein you jump off a thirteen-meter-high tower attached by a strong rope to make a rapid descent. It might seem tricky to take the first step off the platform before you free-fall, but once you land safely on the ground, you'll want to try this activity again. You must be above 6 years of age and weigh under 120 kg to enjoy this activity.

Pirate Climb

Test your inner limits by trying Pirate Climb, a 13-meter cargo net that stretches from the base of the Dome to the top of the Power Jump platform. While enjoying this activity, you'll have to make your way up the net as fast as possible, and once you reach the top, you'll have to ring the ship's bell to signal your success. The real challenge is to beat the record time posted on the Hall of Fame. So try this activity now and find out if you can become the next Pirate Climb Champion.

Commando Rope Climb

If you want to experience the feeling of training like a SAS Commando, then you must try Commando Rope Climb. It is a thirteen-meter rope suspended from the Power Jump platform. If you're unable to make it to the top, you can jump back down to the trampoline and start the activity again. There are also knots along the way so that you can rest for a while if you get tired. Just like the Pirate Climb, it also has a Hall of Fame where you can record your best rope climb time!

Attractions In Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome

Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom is an absolute haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can spot here native Australian animals, colorful birds, reptiles, and amphibians in their natural habitat. Wander through the park at your own pace and stay in admiration of the perfect coexistence of animals and humans.


Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom houses a wide range of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, crocodiles, scrub pythons, and turtles. You can also spot here eastern water dragons that have a central row of spikes on their bodies, giving them a dragon-like appearance. Stay in awe as you see the blue tongue lizards that are skink family members that open their blue tongues when they feel threatened.


If you have always been fascinated by the behavioral pattern and survival skills of the amphibians, you must visit Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom to know more about them. You can spot here white-lipped green tree frogs that have a distinctive white stripe on their lower lip. An information board has been put with each amphibian so that you can learn more about them while exploring the park.


The main highlight of Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom are marsupials, a subclass of mammals. You can find bettong, cherry sugar glider, fluffy koala, and various other species. Since these are friendly creatures, you can cuddle them and click lovely pictures with them.


Get up close and personal with the colorful birds at Zoom and Wildlife Dome Cairns. You can spot some of the most beautiful birds, such as rainbow lorikeet, emerald dove, wandering whistling duck, Papuan frogmouth, and noisy pitta. Stay mesmerized as you see the red-tailed black cockatoos, the oldest residents of the park that can live up to ninety years. You can also feed these birds and click beautiful pictures with them.

Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome FAQs

What is special about Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

Zoom and Wildlife Dome Cairns offers visitors a chance to meet Australia's native fauna and enjoy adrenaline-pumping rope adventures. It is the world's first challenge ropes course situated in a wildlife park. It consists of crossings amongst native fauna and ziplines at various difficulty levels and heights.

How long do you spend at Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

You'll need at least four to five hours to explore Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom, as it has tons of interesting activities on offer, such as wildlife watching, rope climbing, and ziplining.

What is the best time to visit Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

Opening hours during weekdays are the best time to visit Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom as the crowd is less, and you can explore the attraction without any hassle.

How old is Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

Cairns Rainforest Dome was opened in 2003 and it is around 18 years old, and Cairns Zoom was opened in December 2012 and it is around 10 years old.

Are dogs allowed in Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

No, dogs are not allowed in Cairns Wildlife Dome and Zoom.

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