Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome Tickets

About Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome

An extremely popular and unique wildlife experience, Cairns Zoom and Wildlife dome tickets offers visitors various adventurous rope courses in a wildlife park. This family-friendly attraction is home to Australian animals such as Koalas, Snakes, Tropical birds, and saltwater Crocodiles. Explore a unique wildlife experience where you can showcase your strength and skills through an array of rope adventures throughout the day with lots of fun and adventure.

Unleash your adventurous person and experience the thrill of high-zoom and mid-zoom courses. There are 65 elements such as crossings, tunnels, cargo nets, climbing walls, and three-ziplines with various heights and lengths included in this rope course.

PowerJump provides you with a thirteen-meter free-fall drop, and tests your bravery in this. If you want to act like an action hero then Bootcamp will let you feel that and you can try pirate climbing, commando rope climbing, and slack line, just to test your upper body strength to see how far you can go. Apart from these thrilling activities, Cairns zoom and wildlife doom tickets offer you to explore the park, and you can spot the famous wildlife of Australia with many species, within the dome and can enjoy the wildlife presentations of Python, Crocodiles, Tropical Birds, Koala, and other mammals that held on regular basis.

Why Book Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome Tickets?

Cairns zoom and wildlife dome tickets offer you to explore various rope courses along with spots of the diverse wildlife of Australia. This venue is perfect for those who want to enjoy the best of both attractions. So at the same time, want to enjoy zip lining over crocodiles, and feeding birds and koalas at the same time, then book your tickets and have an incredible experience.

  • Challenge your mind and body in the world’s first challenge ropes at cairns zoom and wildlife doom.
  • Meet the rainforest birds and make it a wonderful experience at the Rainforest aviary.
  • You can indulge in wildlife shows and presentations that are held throughout the day.
  • These challenging ropes are not for the faint-hearted, so you can enjoy a leisure walk here.
  • Climb the dome to see Cairns city which offers spectacular views of the city, surrounding areas, and the Ocean.
  • All of these facilities are included in the tickets for Cairns doom and wildlife zoom.
  • Through the education shows, you will get to know about Australia’s diverse wildlife.
  • General admission includes Cairns zoom and wildlife doom tickets for entrances and experiences to indulge in there.
  • Interactive wildlife shows and presentations, talks, and feeding tours.
  • All safety equipment and professional guide team for the activity course.
  • Private guided tour (depends on selected package).
  • Souvenirs wildlife photos(chargeable).
  • Food and drinks are not allowed.
  • 1 ZOOM activity (depends on package selection).

What To Do At Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome?

Enjoy ziplining over a crocodile, a free fall adventure from a 13 meters tower, and see the stunning views of the city through the Dome. Or simply stroll through the park and be a part of watching wildlife shows and presentations. No matter whether you want to spend one hour or a whole day here, you will be completely entertained with your Cairns zoom and wildlife dome tickets.

  • Mid-Zoom: Perfect for beginners and kids includes wall climbing, ziplining, and other various activities. Children who are over 120cms tall and weigh not more than 120kg can do this activity easily.

  • Hi-Zoom: Includes three ziplines in which one zipline will take you directly over the crocodile, and intricate crossings get you closer to the dome and are perfect for 140 cms taller or more.

  • Dome Climb: Explore some of the city’s most famous sights as you’re securely strapped to the roof and walk up to the 60cm wide platform through Dome climb.

  • Power Jump: You’ll jump from a 13-meter-high tower connected by a rope and smooth landing through a fan on the bottom.

Wildlife Dome
  • For Those who love animals and are interested in the Fauna of Australia the wildlife dome is a treasure for them.
  • White-lipped green tree frog, a native amphibian to Australia, in the wildlife dome and largest tree frog in the world.
  • The dome houses a wide range of reptiles including Estuarine Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, and Scrub Python.
  • Koala, Sugar gliders, and some other marsupials you will find on the dome.
  • Eclectus Parrot, the red-tailed black Cockatoo, the Papuan frogmouth, and the laughing Kookaburra are different kinds of birds here.

Know Before You Book Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome

Essential Information

  • Location: Cairns zoom and wildlife dome is located on the top of The Reef Hotel Casino, 35-41 Wharf St, Cairns City QLD 4870, AustraliaEntry is via the lift located in the foyer of The Reef Hotel Casino.

  • Timings: Before booking tickets for Cairns zoom and wildlife dome know about the opening times:Cairns zoo and wildlife dome is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Closed on Christmas day and 26th January Arrive 15 minutes prior to ensure your allocated time slot.

  • Best time to visit: Cairns zoo and wildlife doom is the most important hub in North Queensland because the city attracts over three million visitors annually, but most of the tourists avoid visiting during the Wet Season.

  • The dry season (between June to October) is considered the best to visit this activity.But if you are seeking fewer crowds, cheap flights, and the best tour deals then book Cairns zoom and wildlife doom tickets for the Shoulder season (between April to May and September to October).

    How to Reach

    • By Air: If you’re coming from Australia then there are various flights directly heading to Cairns from all the major cities.

    But if you’re traveling from elsewhere, then first you have to catch flights to Melbourne, Sydney, and Darwin then after that take a direct flight from these major cities to reach Cairns.

    • By Road: You can either catch a bus or can come by car/taxi to reach the destination.

Cairns Zoom And Wildlife Dome Tickets FAQs

Do we have to book in advance for Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome Tickets?

Yes, you can book your tickets for Cairns zoom and wildlife dome in advance to avoid the hassle of standing in long queues. Also, it operates on low capacity so that you can book for the day of your choice. You can avail the benefits of most of the discounts and deals when you book them in advance.

What is the minimum age required for booking Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome Tickets?

The minimum age required for booking Cairns zoom and wildlife zoom tickets is 6 yrs or above and a minimum of 120 cm tall to participate in these activities. You can choose anyone from the following options:

  • Doom entry + 1 Zoom activity
  • Doom entry + 2 Zoom activity
  • Doom entry + 3 Zoom activity

Can I get discounts on purchasing the Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome Tickets?

Yes, you can get discounts while purchasing your tickets for cairns zoom and wildlife dome when you book them through third-party websites. It facilitates easy booking and attractive deals.

What is the best time to experience Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome?

You can book the tickets for cairns zoom and wildlife dome in the dry season to get the best experience here. If you want to avoid crowds then shoulder season is the best time to experience.

What is special about Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome?

Cairns zoo and wildlife dome is best known for its zipline activities over a crocodile, and enjoy the views of the city and the ocean through the dome, you can spot the famous fauna and flora of Australia and wildlife presentations at the same time. All this you will get in the cairns zoom and wildlife dome tickets.

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